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5 Cheap Tennis Ball Machines: Brand, Price, Features, Pros and Cons

5 Cheap Tennis Ball Machines: Brand, Price, Features, Pros and Cons

You probably landed here, as you did not find a partner to practice on the court, Right? But practice is necessary, isn’t it? How do people overcome this problem of not having a tennis partner who never gets tired? There are some odd reasons, why your partner does not show up for practice, but this should not be a reason for the hindrance in your daily routine. Similarly, there are many players who like to play solo and are finding solutions for the same. It would be amazing to know about the top 5 cheap tennis ball machines as this will surely solve the issue.

This problem can be effectively solved by purchasing or renting tennis ball machines. These machines are preferably convenient and mostly easy to use. But the major problem, that most of the people here face is everybody wants to train and improve their game, but many of them cannot afford to buy machines since they are pretty expensive.

To find a solution for this we have compiled a list of Top 5 cheapest tennis ball machines, for your convenience, so that you can purchase any of them and keep on hustling and improving.

Before we invest our valuable money in purchasing a tennis ball machine. Several factors related to the machine should be taken care of:

Important Factors to consider while Buying Tennis Ball Machines

  • The material of the machine should be durable.
  • The machine should have a long battery time.
  • Considerable ball-holding capacity.
  • The machine should have multiple oscillations.

5 Cheap Tennis Ball Machines: Brand, Price, Features, Pros and Cons

1. Scifanta Portable Tennis Ball Tosser – Amazon rating: 3.7/5

The first machine in the list of top 5 cheap tennis ball machines is Scifanta portable tennis ball tosser, which comes with a small size, long-range and multiple-throwing system. It has an inbuilt feature that enables it to release the ball after every 4 seconds automatically. The accurate ball-feeding mechanism of the machines enables one to practice various techniques such as forehand, backhand, baselines, and short balls.

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It is very easy to carry, the machines only weigh around 4 lbs. and can be moved to places according to one’s convenience. It can be used by teenagers and adults, as its height is adjustable, a wonderful tool for the ones who love tennis. The machine can hold 30 balls in a single cycle, which can be adjusted accordingly to one’s preference. Also, to mention, this machine is super light and is hence easy to carry to places so you don’t even have to worry about having a place for it in your car.

2. Furlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine – Amazon rating – 4.2/5

If you are a beginner and just placed your foot on the court and you want to practice and enhance your skills, this machine is a good-to-go tool. It is specifically developed for beginners and kids. Furlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine has a very unique auto swing function, which is mostly not available in all the machines.

The manufacturers provide speed-to-angle adjustment. This feature is a plus point that helps in practicing shots like backhand, forehand, slice, and volley. This machine works on battery and with the 12V AC adapter provided with the setup. While using the AC adapter one should take cognizance of removing the batteries. Apart from this, the machine has a powerful motor, which enables it to strike balls in the interval of 3s-6s, as per convenience.

3. AnBt Tennis Serving Machine – Amazon rating: 4/5

This machine will absolutely give you a sense of playing against a real player, specifically made for youngsters and adults, it also contains some amazing features. AnBt Tennis Serving Machine can be used on batteries and it also has a plug-in option. The setup consists of 4 type D batteries and can also be plugged into a 220V source.

This machine can hold up to 30 tennis balls, easing the burden of picking the balls often. Apart from this, it has a very unique feature of different throwing distances. The distance can be adjusted in 4 different levels, and every ball is released after the interval of 4 seconds. Not every tennis machine is equipped with the feature of using it for all types of tennis balls, but this machine is suitable for all types of balls, except the one with a 7.5cm diameter. Moreover, it has a reasonable price and great battery runtime too.

4. AnEssOil Tennis Ball Machine – Amazon rating: 3/5

This machine also has a similar function as AnBt Tennis Serving Machine. It is easy to use and compatible for beginners, works on both battery and plugin system. It also has the capacity to hold 30 balls in one go, no need to pick up balls often. A person can comfortably strike 30 balls in a stretch.

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This machine is elevated and this feature helps specifically suitable for high volleys. The pace can be adjusted easily through an automatic rotary base, making it the nother cheap tennis ball machine, that one can opt for.

5. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine: Amazon rating – 4.1/5

Moving on to the last and the best machine in the list of top 5 cheap tennis ball machines. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine is the most amazing machine out of the all machines mentioned above as it has diverse features, and the only machine not made of plastic in this list, obviously which makes it more durable and damage-free. The machine Has a very easy-to-use interface and it is also very convenient to carry all around the court, as the machine has wheels.

It can hold more than 50 balls at a time and provides great spin and speed, which turns out to make it a great hitting partner, thus enhancing the skills. It has great quality and long-lasting battery life, and is easy to use both for kids and adults. The price of the machine is pretty high, but the features clearly justify the price.

What are the Top 5 Cheap Tennis Ball Machines to buy and their Ratings

S.No.MachineAmazon Rating
1.Scifanta Portable Tennis Ball Tosser3.7
2.Furlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine4.2
3.AnBt Tennis Serving Machine4
4.AnEssOil Tennis Ball Machine3
5.Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine4.1

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