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7 Best Tennis Shoes For Women

7 best tennis shoes for women

With tennis catching up as one of the fastest-growing sports in the world today, it is imperative and important for us, tennis freaks, to go deep into the world and try to find out what is the best in the industry. To be the best in any game, hard work is a must along with the best equipment. Legendary tennis players like Roger Federer, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, etc., all followed this motto. Through previous articles, we have talked about the best shoes, racquets, balls, etc. to play the sport with. Here is an article that talks about the 7 best tennis shoes for women.

ASICS Gel Game 8

Entry-level and recreational players who frequently move between different court surfaces have turned to ASICS Gel Game as their go-to shoe. By reducing the synthetic overlay used in the 7th generation, ASICS increased ventilation in the upper for the 8th generation. Players claimed that this slight change results in a lighter structure, making movement with this shoe easy. Moreover, they said that it enables you to maintain stability and security while you develop your footwork and tennis strokes.


  • Shock-absorbing
  • Breathable
  • Zero break-in period
  • Unquestionable lightness
  • It doesn’t cause a single blister
  • Superb traction


  • Lack of durability
  • Squeaky
  • Narrow feet only

NikeCourt Zoom NXT

Tennis players concur that the NikeCourt shoe has good structure and support, especially through the midfoot. Many test subjects benefited from the stability that the Flyplate provided: “prevented any horrible ankle rolls or mishaps,” “wasn’t worried about rolling my ankles at all,” and “that Flyplate is going to catch you moving side to side”. Given the form of the midsole, it is unexpected that several of the other comments emphasized how the shoe helps you feel balanced and low to the ground.


  • Springy on the toes
  • Great lateral stability
  • Comfortable in-shoe feel
  • Works on all courts
  • Great for wide feet
  • Durable outsole and toecap
  • Uncanny traction
  • Breathable
  • Visually appealing


  • Loose for narrow feet
  • Lace eyelets rip easily
  • Mesh rips on hard court

NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro

For rapid players looking for a quick shoe with a multi-layered supportive design, Vapor Pro is a pleasure. It adopts the Vapor X’s greatest features without adding weight. However, if you play on the abrasive hardcourt often, you should check the tread since it can quickly smooth out.


  • Extremely light
  • Breathable upper
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Stable platform
  • Glove-like fit
  • Comfortable in-shoe feel
  • Grippy outsole


  • Constricting plastic wall
  • Lacks durability
  • Break-in needed

Adidas by Stella McCartney Tennis Shoes

This fashionable shoe has a terrific silhouette and is offered in several colors. Another fantastic feature is that, according to the maker, 20% of the top is manufactured of at least 50% recycled material. Also, the upstairs is really cozy and airy. The region around the ankle, in particular, provided exceptionally soft padding and improved comfort, according to testers. Despite its lightweight, the Adidas Stella McCartney tennis shoe is both robust and supportive. For a secure fit that will keep you feeling light on your feet, whether you’re playing a long match or practicing flexibility on balancing boards, the top has breathable mesh, and the midsole is cushioned.


  • Plush cushioning
  • Solid ankle support
  • Breathable mesh upper


  • Fabric on the upper and around the heel may show signs of wear after extended use

New Balance Fresh Foam X Lav V2

The New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam X Lav V2 received positive reviews for its comfort and performance. Finding the ideal tennis shoes when you have broad feet might be difficult. The fact that this shoe is comfy without being bulky or ungainly earns it a good ranking. This New Balance shoe is available in regular and wide widths, making it the perfect option for people with broad feet or those who need a little extra room to fit inserts like insoles for flat feet. The shoe is made breathable by the design’s synthetic and mesh top. The full-length outsole and toe drag tip, which give the shoe great durability and aid in its ability to stand up well throughout play on various surfaces, have received praise from testers. Yet compared to other pairs on our list, this one is more pricey.


  • Lightweight
  • Good heel support
  • Standard and wide widths available


  • Expensive
  • Only comes in one color

ASICS Solution Speed FF 2 Tokyo

For players with small feet, the ASICS Women’s Solution Speed FF 2 Tokyo was the testers’ top pick. Tennis players should check out this limited-edition color if they enjoy the ASICS Women’s Solution Speed FF series of tennis shoes. Although offering a minimalist, lightweight construction and a distinctive appearance, this shoe doesn’t forgo technology in favor of comfort. This shoe’s heel section is made to conform to the specific contours of your foot, giving it a tailored, individual feel. It may take some getting used to at first since it might feel extremely snug, but it will be worth it once you see how well the shoe fits your foot and conforms to your individual footprint.


  • Hard-wearing toe box
  • Great traction
  • Really molds to foot


  • Better for clay courts
  • Can take some breaking in

Reebok Club C Double Tennis Shoes

Last but not the least on the 7 best tennis shoe for women is the Reebok Club C Double Tennis shoes. Put on a pair of Reebok Club C double tennis shoes when you want to appear fashionable both on and off the court. These shoes are made to last thanks to the leather top and double-stacked outsole, which withstands several wears. These sneakers are also surprisingly lightweight and comfortable despite being constructed like a tank. They are at the top of our list of the best overall because of this. The Reebok Club C series, which was first introduced in the 1980s, was a standard for tennis players. This version has the same classic look but a platform midsole. These sneakers lean more towards street style than the competitors, but thanks to their tennis-inspired design, they can handle any match.


  • Stylish and retro-looking
  • Great budget option
  • Double stack sole is a height enhancer


  • Leather isn’t as breathable as mesh uppers
  • The shoe lacks cushioning.

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Where To Find 7 Best Tennis Shoes For Women?

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