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Angriest Tennis Players of All-Time

Angriest Tennis Players of All-Time

What are the thoughts which pervade your mind when someone talks about the components of sports, or for that matter of fact, any sports? The very few points which travel through your mind will be, endurance, athletic physique, stamina and resistance. Rest apart these are the physical features of a sport. The universal fact is sports is not only a combination of physical exertions but mental exertion as well. The article does not only talk about the Angriest Tennis Players of All-Time, but it also projects the actions done by them under the influence of angst.

Sports not only drains the physical energy, but it does make the mind work too, overwork sometimes. Like any other sport, professional tennis players have been noticed losing their cool and certainly expressing anxiety on the court. It is not a weird phenomenon happening in any sports, it does happen. Many players vent their feelings, anxiety out on the court, even after trying hard to control it.

Let’s discuss who are the Angriest Tennis Players of All-Time.

John McEnroe

Known for his aggressive playing style, John Patrick McEnroe born on 16 February 1959, achieved a lot. He won a total of 7 grand slams in his entire career and many more great titles. He achieved fame early in his career and was not able to retain the spot due to his aggression, ill behavior and comments while playing on the court.

John had the bad habit of shouting “you can’t be serious” on the court. One similar event happens during the 1981 Wimbledon’s, he yelled at the referee, thus showing his frustration to the opponent and the match officials. This would have been a major advantage for the opponents; hence he lost many games.

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Lleyton Hewitt

Hewitt for his act out of his senses, carved a niche for himself in the category of angry players. This Australian player is known for his aggressive behavior and rants on the court.

Hewitt was fined $1000 for his unprofessional behavior. During the match, the chair umpire Fergus murphy called out several ‘foot faults’ this infuriated Hewitt. Out of anger he targeted the line umpire thrice in the same match, and tried to tap the ball toward him.

Another very famous incident that happened with him was, he was imposed a heavy fine once again. Hewitt was fined $20000, for not attending the interview by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for not completing a pre-tournament media commitment with the host broadcaster.

Nick Kyrgios

He is at the top of many lists in tennis, one of them is the list of Angriest Players of All-Time. Nick Hilmy Kyrgios is an Australian tennis player who turned professional in 2013, although he did not achieve fame and great success, but he defeated many great players in his entire court.

Apart from Novak, Roger and Rafael, there is only one player who draws enormous attention. He is Kyrgios, but this attention is for the fact that he smashes racquets due to frustration. During one of the tournaments, he was losing points and not playing well. Out of frustration he yelled at a fan and said “ARE YOU GOOD AT TENNIS” the fan replied “NO” and the crowd laughed. This is not one instance he has done the act of yelling at the fans of the opponents and referees. Kyrgios hasn’t only pointed his anger at the fans. He has smashed his racquets and punched a board, as well as frequently arguing with the umpires.

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Novak Djokovic

Novak has earned many laurels for his country. He is not only known for his great achievements and fame; he is also known for several infamous happenings. Novak has committed several acts on the court, under the influence of frustration which led him to the path of major controversies.

One of the most famous controversies includes the 2015 shanghai open tournament controversy. He was playing against Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, and he got infuriated by the overrule by the umpire. As the set was progressing, the umpire called a ball out, Novak argued in the game that it was clearly on the line. The umpire gave point to Tsonga, the same incident happened thrice. The entire incident infuriated Novak and sent him on a rant throughout the whole change of ends.

Serena Williams

Williams is known as one of the best female tennis players of all time. She is known for being bold and aggressive on the courts. 23x grand slam winner, tennis legend Williams has been noticed frustrated many times. One of most devastating outbursts by her was noticed in the 2018 US Open when she lost her composure. Williams felt that she was implicated unnecessarily and was cited three times with code of violations in which she called the chair umpire as ‘liar’ and ‘thief’.

Serena was again fined for changing her shirt on the court, in the running match. She was penalized for doing so. She lashed out at the officials and advocated equality.

Players are under pressure on the court while playing. They do let off steam aggressively sometimes, but it is an entire part of the game. Players end up being penalized too and they learn many things too. Like any other sport, tennis too has its own great and not-so-great moments. so let’s keep on enjoying, both the positives and negatives.

FAQs on Angriest Tennis Players of All-Time.

  • Q. Angriest Tennis Players of All-Time.
  • Ans. John McEnroe
  • Q. Who smashed the most racquets?
  • Ans. Marat Safan
  • Q. Who is the mouthy tennis player?
  • Ans. Nick Kyrgios

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