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Who is Maximilian Marterer girlfriend, Sophia Buttner? Know more about Sophia Buttner

Who is Maximilian Marterer girlfriend, Sophia Buttner? Know more about Sophia Buttner

Maximilian Marterer was born on 15 June 1995 in Nuremberg, Germany. He is a German professional tennis player. He has a career-high ATP singles ranking of World No. 45, achieved in August 2018. His father Michael Marterer is given full credit for discovering his son’s talent at a young age. He is a world-class player in his spare time. Currently, he is ranked 89 in singles and 765 in doubles. His coach, Gerald Radovici describes this left-handed as one of the most hard-working and skilled tennis players of the current time. He cites Roger Federer as his childhood idol. He is an expert in hitting a two-handed backhand. Read the full article to learn more about Maximilian Marterer love life and his long-time girlfriend, Sophia Buttner.

Who is Maximilian Marterer girlfriend, Sophia Buttner?

The German tennis superstar, Maximilian Marterer is dating Sophia Buttner. According to reports, they both are seeing each other for quite a long time. They are not married yet. But, they will certainly as they are madly in love with each other. They both are seen together on various occasions.

Fast Facts about Sophia Buttner

Name Sophia Buttner
Partner Maximilian Marterer
Nationality German-Hugarian
Instagram @sophiabuettner 873 (Private Account)

How did Maximilian Marterer meet his girlfriend, Sophia Buttner?

Maximilian Marterer is quite open about his relationship with Sophia Buttner. But, there is not much information regarding how they met first. They first shared their photo in 2013 so, with this, we can assume that they have been together for quite a long time. Buttner has seen supporting her boyfriend in many events and tournaments. The tennis player also appreciates his girlfriend’s support by showing his love and calling her “My Girl” on most of his Instagram posts. They are neither married nor engaged so far but, they will certainly do it in upcoming future. Their love and support for each other had made fans awestruck many times. Most of the Instagram posts made by Maximilian are of his photos with Sophia. Also Read: Who is Joe Salisbury Girlfriend? Know all about his relationship status

Maximilian Marterer Past Relationships

Ever since they had uploaded their first picture on Instagram on June 16, 2013, of them celebrating Maximilain’s birthday. They had been together as partners for a long time now. There isn’t much information regarding his past dating history or about any of his girlfriends. Most of the articles and news are full of the couple traveling to different countries and enjoying holidays and doing some adventure activities. His Instagram posts also suggest to us that they are having the best days of their life currently. Sophia’s Instagram is privatized but with her bio, we can confirm that she is German-Hungarian. Also Read: Who is Carlos Alcaraz Girlfriend? Know all about Maria González Giménez

FAQs about Maximilian Marterer

Q. How many followers does Maximilian Marterer have on his Instagram?
Ans. Maximilian Marterer is not too much of a social media kind of person. Therefore, he has 8,780 followers on Instagram.

Q. Maximilian Marterer belongs to which place?
Ans. Maximilian Marterer is a professional tennis player from Nuremberg, Germany.

Q. What brands does Maximilian Marterer promote?
Ans. Maximilian Marterer promotes Adidas, Dr. Heilbronner GmbH, and Babolat.

Maximilian Marterer

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