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Sloane Stephens Net Worth 2024, Prize Money, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, Properties, Charities, Etc.

Sloane Stephens Net Worth 2023

Sloane Stephens, born on March 20, 1993, in Plantation, Florida, is an American professional tennis player. Stephens reached her career-best ATP Singles Ranking of No. 3 after Wimbledon in 2018. She won the 2017 US Open champion and also won seven WTA Tour singles titles. In 2018, she continued to excel by winning the Miami Open and reaching the French Open final. Stephens also achieved top 10 rankings and was a runner-up at the esteemed WTA Finals. Given her remarkable accomplishments, let’s know about Sloane Stephens Net Worth, Prize Money, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, Properties, Charities, Etc.

Sloane Stephens Net Worth 2024

Sloane Stephens net worth is estimated at $23 million in 2024. Her tennis career and sponsorship deals with renowned brands are the major contributor to her net worth. Also Read: Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis Players of All Time

Sloane Stephens Prize Winnings

Sloane Stephens’ career as a professional tennis player has resulted in impressive earnings, with her total winnings amounting to $17,663,140. In the current year, Stephens has already earned $439,380 through her successful participation in various tournaments.

Sloane Stephens Endorsements

Sloane Stephens, represented by GSE Worldwide, has garnered a range of notable sponsorships throughout her career. From 2010, her clothing sponsor was Under Armour, but in early 2018, she made a switch and signed with Nike. She has also been associated with Head rackets, specifically endorsing the Speed line as of January 2023. Following her US Open victory, Stephens attracted new sponsors, including Mercedes-Benz. She has appeared in television ads for Built with Chocolate Milk, promoting it as a recovery drink. Stephens has endorsed health-related brands such as doTerra, Precision Nutrition, and Colgate. She previously had deals with American Express, Listerine mouthwash, and USANA nutrition company. Additionally, Stephens has actively participated in campaigns promoting education in STEM fields through her collaboration with Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds initiative.

Sloane Stephens Car Collection

While specific details about Sloane Stephens’ car collection are not widely known, it is reasonable to speculate that she may have a vehicle from Mercedes-Benz since she serves as a brand ambassador for the company.

Sloane Stephens Properties and Assets

Sloane Stephens has made various real estate investments in the Los Angeles area. In 2020, she sold a home in Sherman Oaks for $1.3 million and purchased another property in Studio City for $2.2 million. She also owns a home in Little Holmby valued at $2.4 million. Furthermore, in August 2021, Stephens acquired a new residence in Sherman Oaks for just under $7 million. She owns multiple properties both domestically and internationally, including a $6.9 million residence in Sherman Oaks and a $2.2 million modern farmhouse in Studio City.
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Sloane Stephens Charities

Sloane Stephens has taken a philanthropic step by creating the Sloane Stephens Doc & Glo Scholarship. In honor of her grandparents, she has allocated $20,000 USD to 20 selected students for their further education. Additionally, Stephens has utilized her platform to establish the Sloane Stephens Foundation, which utilizes tennis as a means to inspire children and promote healthy lifestyles while fostering a passion for education.

FAQs about Sloane Stephens and her Net Worth

Q: What is Sloane Stephens’ net worth?
A: Sloane Stephens’ net worth is estimated to be $23 million as of 2024.

Q: How much has Sloane Stephens earned in prize winnings?
A: Sloane Stephens has earned a total of $17,663,140 in prize winnings throughout her career.

Q: Which endorsements does Sloane Stephens have?
A: Sloane Stephens has endorsements with Nike, Head, Mercedes-Benz, Built with Chocolate Milk, doTerra, Precision Nutrition, Colgate, American Express, Listerine, and USANA, among others.

Q: Does Sloane Stephens own any luxury cars?
A: It is speculated that she may have a vehicle from Mercedes-Benz as she is its brand ambassador.

Q: What properties does Sloane Stephens own?
A: Sloane Stephens owns multiple properties in the Los Angeles area, including residences in Sherman Oaks, Studio City, and Little Holmby.

Q: What philanthropic initiatives has Sloane Stephens been involved in?
A: Sloane Stephens has established the Sloane Stephens Doc & Glo Scholarship, offering financial support to selected students for further education. She has also created the Sloane Stephens Foundation to promote education and healthy lifestyles.

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