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Who is Diego Schwartzman Girlfriend? Know all about Eugenia de Martino

Who is Diego Schwartzman Girlfriend? Know all about Eugenia de Martino

Diego Schwartzman is a Professional tennis player, who was born on 16 August 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began playing tennis at the age of 7 and he used to train with former world number 10 Juan Monaco and Maximo Gonzalez. Named in honor of legendary Argentine football player Diego Maradona, who passed away in 2020. Diego had a humble beginning as their Family owns a clothing company and helped him sell rubber bracelets with logos of popular football teams to help pay for travel expenses. His Idols growing up were Rafael Nadal and football player Juan Roman Riquelme, from whom he took motivation and came this far. Apart from his career, he enjoys playing football, watching Boca Juniors, listening to reggaeton music, and eating Argentinean BBQ with friends. Let us know all about Diego Schwartzman Girlfriend, Eugenia de Martino in this article.

Who is Diego Schwartzman Girlfriend, Eugenia de Martino?

Diego Schwartzman, an Argentine tennis player, is dating Eugenia de Martino. Eugenia is a model and actress from Argentina. She was born in Buenos Aires and is presently employed by Ep Bookers, a modeling agency. She has been in numerous advertising and is well-known.

Eugenia de Martino Age, Height, Weight?

Eugenia De Martino is currently 29 years old. she stands 5’7″ and weighs around 58 Kilograms as of now. It is said that there are two-way factors, which keep her slim and attractive. One being, she is a model and second is her boyfriend is a tennis player, due to which fitness becomes a elementary factor.

How & Where Did the Couple Met For The First Time?

Diego initially met Eugenia in 2019, and the two began dating soon after. They met in a tennis club through a mutual friend and have been together for almost two years. Diego and Eugenia have their own clothing line, named Pek&peky, which they founded together. The brand sells cute sweatshirts with positive slogans like “today is going to be a fantastic day” and “the greatest is yet to come.” Indeed a great initiative to grow in the business line.

Eugenia de Martino Ethnicity, Religion, and Nationality

 Eugenia de Martino is an Argentine Model, whose ethnicity is white and she follows Christianity.

Fast Facts Related to Eugenia de Martino

Full Name Eugenia de Martino
Age 29
Profession Model
Net Worth $1 Million
Residence­Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality Argentine
Boyfriend Diego Schwartzman
 Ethnicity White
About  Eugenia de Martino

Do The Couple Have Kids?

Diego and Eugenia do not have children together, the couple has been dating for 3 years now. However, there is no news related to the same. Also Read: Who is Tommy paul Girlfriend? Know all about Paige Lorenze

How much is Eugenia de Martino’s Net Worth?

Eugenia de Martino is a professional model and also an actress. She has earned a fair amount from her career. Martino has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Also Read: Diego Schwartzman Net Worth 2023, Cars, House, Endorsements & Properties

Diego Schwartzman and Eugenia de Martino Clothing Brand

Diego and Eugenia own the apparel line Pek&peky, which they co-founded. The company sells adorable hoodies with positive phrases like “today is going to be a fantastic day” and “the best is yet to come.” They have also earned a huge amount of revenue from this brand, as they have easy access to promote the brand.

Eugenia de Martino Social Media

Eugenia de Martino is a Model by profession and currently works with Ep Bookers. She posts about her modeling and acting updates along with, a few photos of Diego. She can be followed on @eugedemartino. Also Read: Who is Danielle Collins Boyfriend? Know all about Tom Couch

FAQs Related to Diego Schwartzman Girlfriend

Q. Who is Schwartzmann wife?

Ans. He is currently dating Eugenia de Martino.

Q. Who are Diego Schwartzman parents?

Ans. Ricardo Schwartzman & Silvana Schwartzman are his parents.

Q. Who is Eugenia De Martino?

Ans. She is a very famous Model and also owns a luxury clothing line.

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