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Who Is Dusan Lajovic Girlfriend? Know All About Lidija Mikic

Who Is Dusan Lajovic Wife? Know All About Lidija Mikic

Dusan Lajovic is a professional tennis player born on 30th June 1990 in Belgrade, Serbia. He started playing tennis professionally in 2007. His current rank is 71 by ATP Singles Ranking with his highest being 23. In the doubles category, he reached as high as 82 on 21st September 2020. Now he is ranked 554. Dusan Lajovic has won one title in the singles category and two titles in the doubles category. He is also a finalist in the Davis Cup. His current coach is Jose Perlas. Professional like is okay, but fans want to know more about personal life. So let us get past his private life and see who is Dusan Lajovic Girlfriend. Hopefully, they will now get their wish fulfilled. So keep on reading.

Who Is Dusan Lajovic Girlfriend, Lidija Mikic?

Dusan Lajovic is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Lidija Mikic. Lidija Mikic is a medical doctor specializing in cardiology. She is practicing at Clinical Hospital Centre Zvezdara, Serbia. Lidija Mikic is a former student at the University of Belgrade. The couple had been in a relationship for a long time but are not yet married. Lidija always supports Dusan through his ups and down and vice versa.

How Did Dusan Lajovic and Lidija Mikic meet?

There is no information on how the couple first met each other or come to know about each other. But if someone is to scroll down their Instagram page, they will find their first pictures together are posted in January 2016. That goes to show that they met sometime around late 2015s or early 2016s. Read More – Who is Tomas Martin Etcheverry girlfriend? Know all about Belen Raimondi

Fast Facts about Lidija Mikic

NameLidija Mikic
Date of BirthN/A
BoyfriendDusan Lajovic
Works AtClinical Hospital Centre Zvezdara
Social Media@lidija_mikic

Lidija Mikic Social Media

People can follow Lidija Mikic on her Instagram page. Her Instagram ID is @lidija_mikic. She has over 5450 followers and 308 posts on her page. Read MoreWho Is Jordan Thompson Girlfriend? Is He Married or Single?

FAQs on Lidija Mikic

Q: Who is Lidija Mikic’s profession?

Ans: Lidija Mikic is a cardiologist from Serbia.

Q: Where does Lidija Mikic work?

Ans: Lidija Mikic works at Clinical Hospital Centre Zvezdara, Serbia.

Q: Is Lidija Mikic married?

Ans: No, Lidija Mikic is not married. She is in a relationship with Dusan Lajovic.

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