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Who Is Ivan Lendl Wife? Know All About Samantha Frankel

Who Is Ivan Lendl Wife? Know All About Samantha Frankel

Ivan Lendl was one of the best players to play tennis. Apart from winning multiple titles, his record against legends like John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors is outstanding. Ivan Lendl was born on March 7, 1960, in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. He turned pro in 1978 and retired in 1996. Ivan Lendl won a staggering 94 singles titles, which include eight Grand Slams, five Tour Finals, and two WCT Finals. He reached the Wimbledon final on two different occasions but never won it. Ivan was ranked 1 for 270 weeks and is also successful as a coach. Let us put aside his personal life and know about his love life, i.e., Ivan Lendl wife, Samantha Frankel.

Who Is Ivan Lendl Wife, Samantha Frankel?

Samantha Frankel is the wife of Ivan Lendl. There is not much information about Samantha Frankel’s early life. She is 55 years old and is a housewife. Samantha is a kind-hearted woman. She loves nature and enjoys horse riding. It was she who made Ivan Lendl fall in love.

When Did Ivan Lendl and Samantha Frankel Meet?

Samantha Frankel first met Ivan Lendl when she was 14 years old. Even though there is no exact date, the couple met for the first time through fellow tennis player Wojtek Fibak. The couple got married on 16th September 1989. Six days before their marriage, Ivan Lendl had lost the 1989 US Open Finals to Boris Becker.

Fast Facts about Samantha Frankel

NameSamantha Frankel
Date of BirthN/A
HusbandIvan Lendl
Social MediaN/A

Does Ivan Lendl and Samantha Frankel Have Kids?

Yes, Ivan Lendl and Samantha Frankel have five daughters together – Isabelle, Caroline, Daniela, Marika, and Nikola. Isabelle and Caroline are twins. All of their daughters have completed their studies through esteemed universities. The twins were a member of the Women’s Golf Team at Florida University.

Samantha Frankel Ethnicity, Religion and Nationality

Samantha Frankel is a blonde woman. Both of her parents follow Christianity, so she is also a Christian. Having been born and bought up in the United States of America, Samantha Frankel is an American citizen. Read More – Who is Katie Volynets Boyfriend? Know all about Collin

Samantha Frankel Social Media

Samantha Frankel does not have any social media handles. She enjoys nature and is not the type of person who spends most of her time indoors and going through social media. Read More – Who is Sara Sorribes Tormo Boyfriend? Know all about Vicen Salvador

FAQs on Samantha Frankel

Q: Who is Ivan Lendl wife?

Ans: Samantha Frankel is the wife of Ivan Lendl.

Q: How many kids does Samantha Frankel have?

Ans: Samantha Frankel has five daughters with Ivan Lendl.

Q: When did Samantha Frankel marry Ivan Lendl?

Ans: Samantha Frankel married Ivan Lendl on 16th September 1989.

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