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Who Is Luca Nardi Girlfriend? Know All About Martina Bruscolini

Who Is Luca Nardi Girlfriend? Know All About Martina Bruscolini

Pundits are saying that Luca Nardi will most likely be the successor of Matteo Berrettini and Jannik Sinner. He will be the number one Italian tennis player in the upcoming years. Luca Nardi was born on 6th August 2003 in Pesaro, Italy. He became a pro in 2020 and has since won three ATP Challenger Tour titles and three ITF World Tennis Tour titles. His highest rank is 126, which was achieved on 7th November 2022. In the doubles category, he has won the ITF World Tennis Tour title alongside Jacopo Berrettini, brother of Matteo Berrettini. Luca Nardi is following the right path in his career. But there is also someone special that helps him keep his focus. So who is Luca Nardi girlfriend, Martina Bruscolini? To learn more, keep on reading the article.

Who Is Luca Nardi Girlfriend, Martina Bruscolini?

Luca Nardi is currently in a relationship with Martina Bruscolini. There is little information surrounding Martina Bruscolini, but she was born in Pesaro, Italy. Luca Nardi has to travel a lot due to his career, and Martina usually accompanies him.

When Did Luca Nardi Meet Martina Bruscolini?

There is no information about the first meeting of Luca Nardi and Martina Bruscolini. But they have been dating for more than a couple of years. Luca Nardi is now 19 years old, which makes the couple to be most likely high-school sweethearts.

Martina Bruscolini Age and Nationality

The exact age of Martina Bruscolini is unknown, but she is believed to be a teenager. Born in Pesaro, Italy, Martina Bruscolini is an Italian by birth. Read More – Who is Emma Raducanu Boyfriend? Know All About Benjamin Heynold

Fast Facts about Martina Bruscolini

NameMartina Bruscolini
Date of BirthN/A
BoyfriendLuca Nardi
Social Media@martinabruscolini

Martina Bruscolini Social Media

Martina Bruscolini is available on Instagram. Her Instagram ID is @martinabruscolini. She has over 2,400 followers and 25 posts on her page. Read More – Who Is Sloane Stephens Husband? Know All About Jozy Altidore

FAQs on Martina Bruscolini

Q: Who is Luca Nardi girlfriend?

Ans: Martina Bruscolini is the girlfriend of Luca Nardi.

Q: Where is Martina Bruscolini from?

Ans: Martina Bruscolini is from Pesaro, Italy.

Q: How old is Luca Nardi?

Ans: Luca Nardi is 19 years old.

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