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Who Is Maxime Cressy Girlfriend or Wife? Is he Single or Married?

Who Is Maxime Cressy Girlfriend? Know All About His Relatinship status

Maxime Cressy, born on May 8, 1997, is a French-American professional tennis player.  He entered the Top 100 in January 2022, then the Top 50 in June 2022, before reaching a career-high ATP Singles ranking of No. 31 in August 2022. Cressy has achieved one ATP Tour championship, three ATP Challenger Tour singles titles, and two doubles titles. Prior to 2018, he represented his natal nation, France. After looking at his professional life, in this article, you will discover about Maxime Cressy girlfriend.

Who Is Maxime Cressy Girlfriend?

Maxime Cressy presently does not have a girlfriend. He seems to be devoted to his work and wishes to save his complete focus on it so as to succeed. As per the reports, Maxime Cressy has never been in a relationship with someone. Also read: Constant Lestienne Girlfriend: Is He Married or Single?

Maxime Cressy Age, Height and Weight 

Maxime was born on  8 May 1997 which makes him 26 years old. He has a perfect build, with a height of 1.98 m and his weight is 84 kg. He devotes a lot of his time to his health which being an athlete is desirable. 

Maxime Cressy Past relationships 

Maxime is never reported to be in a relationship with anyone. He is always spotted attending events alone and has never posted anything that would raise suspicions about his dating life. 

Does Maxime Cressy have any kids?

As stated earlier, Maxime has never been reported to be dating anyone. He does not have any kids yet. 

Maxime Cressy Instagram

Maxime Cressy is active on Instagram since August 2020. His username is maximecressy. He has 24.2k followers with 18 posts. The majority of posts reflect his passion for tennis. Also read: Who is Marcus Giron Girlfriend? Know all about Becca

Fast Facts about  Maxime Cressy

Full nameMaxime Cressy
Date of birthMay 8, 1997 
Age 26 years
Birth placeParis, France 
Net worth$2 million
Height1.98 m
Weight84 kg

FAQs about Maxime Cressy

Q. Who is Maxime Cressy dating?

Ans. Maxime Cressy is currently single. 

Q. How old is Maxime Cressy?

Ans. 26 years old. 

Q. How tall is Maxime Cressy?

Ans. 1.98 m.

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