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Who Is Rod Laver Girlfriend? Know All About Susan Johnson

Who Is Rod Laver Girlfriend? Know All About Susan Johnson

Rodney George Laver, also known as Rod Laver, is a professional tennis player born on 9th August 1938 in Rockhampton, Australia. He started his amateur career in 1956 and turned pro in 1963. Rod Laver retired in 1979. Regarded as one of the greatest of all time, Rod Laver has won 200 titles in his whole career, out of which 72 were in Open Era. Making him the most decorated player in the history of tennis. He was ranked 1 for several years. His trophy cabinet includes 11 Grand Slams, 8 Professional Majors, 6 Grand Slam Doubles, 3 Grand Slam Mixed Doubles, and 5 Davis Cups. Altogether he is one of the few players to have won a career Grand Slam. Even after all this success, he was always faithful to his girlfriend and loved her very much. That made people want to know everything about Rod Laver girlfriend, Susan Johnson. Read the article to know the more.

Who Is Rod Laver Girlfriend, Susan Johnson?

Rod Laver is currently dating Susan Johnson. There is not much information circulating on the internet about Susan. After Mary Bensen’s death, Rod Laver was left alone. Then Susan Johnson came into his life. The two have been in love ever since.

When Did Rod Laver and Susan Johnson Meet?

Rod Laver and Susan Johnson have known each other for a long time. They have known each other since the 1980s but became a close friend in the 1990s. But in 2018, they reconnected again on strange terms. Susan told his friends that she knew Rod Laver. But none of her friends believed, so as a dare, she ranged him, and he picked up. From, then their love story started.

NameSusan Johnson
ResidenceRockhampton, Australia
BoyfriendRod Laver
HusbandF. Ross Johnson
Social Media N/A

Susan Johnson Past Relationship

Susan Johnson has lots of similarities with Rod Laver. Like him, she was also married before. She married F. Ross Johnson, who is a businessman and the chairman of Nabisco. He was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and Susan took care of him until his last breath.

Rod Laver Past Relationship

Rod Laver was previously married to Mary Bensen. They married in 1966 in San Rafael, California. The couple stayed together for 46 years before Mary Bensen passed away from protracted illness in 2012. Read MoreWho is Rebeka Masarova Husband? Know all about Oscar Gutierrez 

Susan Johnson Social Media

Susan Johnson is 72 years old and does not have any social media accounts. For her, being socially active means meeting and greet with everyone personally. Read MoreWho is Panna Udvardy Boyfriend? Know all about Lucas Passman

FAQs on Susan Johnson

Q: Who was Rod Laver girlfriend?

Ans: Susan Johnson is the girlfriend of Rod Laver.

Q: How old is Susan Johnson?

Ans: Susan Johnson is 72 years old.

Q: When did Rod Laver and Susan Johnson start dating?

Ans: Rod Laver and Susan Johnson started dating in 2018.

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