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Who won Most US Open Titles in Tennis History?

Who won Most US Open Titles in Tennis History?

The US Open is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments that is held annually in Queens, New York. The tournament is played on acrylic hard court surfaces, and the event usually occurs in late August and early September. Some categories of tennis featured at the US Open include singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competitions for both men and women. The tournament has been held since 1881 and was first recognized as a Grand Slam event in 1968. Read on to find out more about the players who have won the most US Open titles in the history of tennis.

Who is the Tennis Player with the Most US Open titles?

As of 2023, Bill Tilden, Richard Sears, and William Larned remain the tennis players with the most wins and the highest number of US Open singles titles. All three players have won seven titles, and as of now, they share this title.

As of now, Tilden has won seven titles ranging from 1920 to 1929, whereas Richard Sears won them from 1881 to 1887 and William Larned from 1901 to 1911. Tilden is one of the greatest players in the history of tennis. He is known for his dedication to the sport. Sears, on the other hand, is famous for his athleticism and his aggressive style of play, that made him a fan favorite. Larned’s success at the US Open helped pave the way for the growth of tennis, brilliance, and a strong backhand. All three of these players have also made a significant impact on the tennis world.

Very few players have come close to achieving this much success at the US Open, and these include Roger Federer and Pete Sampras, who each have won five titles at the tournament. As of now, this record remains unbeaten. Also read: Who won Most Wimbledon Titles in Tennis History?

Top 5 Tennis Players with the Most US Open Titles

NameNo. of US Open Titles
Bill Tilden7
Richard Sears7
William Larned7
Roger Federer5
Pete Sampras5

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