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10 Best Tennis Umpires In The World

10 Best Tennis Umpires In The World

Umpires, whether in cricket or in tennis are an integral part of the game. Without their judgment and observation important decisions not only become impossible to make but reliance on machines and cameras also make them unreliable. Read the full the article to know the 10 best tennis umpires in the world.

Mohamed Lahyani

Mohamed Lahyani appears to be one of the most abled and well-liked umpires in history. The Swedish ATP umpire’s reliability and ability to contain conflicts and disputes, preventing situations from escalating have awarded him with praise and recognition across the tennis fraternity. His extensive career has allowed him to officiate some of the major and important matches as well as singles finals matches. He was also responsible for officiating the longest match in tennis history between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon, which lasted more than 11 hours and was played over three days. Read More: Angriest Tennis Players of All-Time

Carlos Ramos

As a Portuguese gold badge chair umpire, Ramos has had the opportunity to officiate and call many crucial games. Not only is he one of the most famous officials in the world but is also considered to be one of the most consistently accurate umpires in tennis history. He watched his Grand Slam singles finals in the 2005 Australia Open and has had a total of 10 Grand Slam finals matches called in his career, and there will be more. He is also one of only two individuals to officiate a singles final match at all four Grand Slam tournaments and has been an inspiration for many up comers.

Eva Asderaki- Moore

A relatively new name in the umpiring fraternity but Eva Asderaki-Moore is certainly one of the most reliable in the league. Moore has consistently called crucial games in Grand Slam competitions and has built her reputation by swiftly resolving conflicts and containing disputes. She created history in 2015 at the US Open by being the first woman to officiate a men’s final there and has overcome many other barriers as a female umpire. She has had a gold accreditation from the International Tennis Federation and has been umpiring since 1997.

James Keothavong

His unpopularity among tennis fans is not a statement of his abilities as an umpire. The key factor contributing to Keothavong’s high ranking is consistency. Players are familiar with his visage, yet they rarely have negative things to say about him. He is one of the most composed umpires in the game and has been doing so for some time. The native of England has presided over numerous Grand Slam singles finals and is renowned for maintaining a relatively composed temperament under pressure. He is the biological brother of the former WTA professional Anne Keothavong but has done an incredible job keeping his name out of controversy. Read More: Top 10 Tallest Female Tennis Players of All-Time

Allison Hughes

Tennis umpire Allison Hughes has had a very successful career. In fact, because of her contributions to tennis, she was just named a member of the Order of the British Empire. Renowned for being consistent and fair with all players and is one of just two individuals in the history of the game to officiate a singles finals match at each of the four Grand Slam competitions. As an umpire on both tours, Hughes and disagreements have been rare. She has managed to avoid a lot of controversies, which is well regarded in the umpire community.

Kader Nouni

Fans may not be familiar with his name, but they most likely know his voice. It’s impossible to miss his score announcements while he’s watching a game. Though unusual, he is generally regarded as being extremely pleasant His decisions are renowned for being fair and consistent, and is one of the sport’s friendliest umpires but that doesn’t mean he cannot be stern. He excels at maintaining order in a contest. He tries to make things casual during his matches, but when he needs to enforce the law, he can. 

Marijana Veljovic

Marijana Veljovic, a relative novice to the elite ranks, made a breakthrough in 2018 when she was given the chance to call the women’s singles final at the Australian Open. She was then given the chance to compete in the women’s singles final of the 2019 Wimbledon Championships. Veljovic is thought to be something of an up-and-comer but is an individual that can certainly be higher on the list in a few years. She is strong because she is eager to resolve any little controversies by cooperating as much as she can with the players. She manages a match with a no-nonsense attitude and can tell when things are starting to get a little tense. Read More: 10 Best Forehands in Tennis of All-Time

Marija Cicak

Becoming the first woman to call a Wimbledon men’s singles final match in 2021, Marija Cicak is one of the few female umpires with more than a decade of experience. She also has a gold badge in chair umpiring and has spent some on the WTA tour. It is simply the most recent of many significant games officiated by the Croatian. The women’s singles final from 2014 and the men’s singles final from 2018, ended up being the second-longest pro tennis match ever, respectively. One of the most seasoned umpires, her reputation for not always listening to the players is not a statement of her ability to maintain a calm environment on the court.  currently on tour, often maintains a calm temperament.

Carlos Bernardes

One of tennis’s longest-serving umpires, Carlos Bernardes. He is another umpire on this list known among tennis enthusiasts for his voice. His deep voice and swift decisions. Bernardes has officiated and has had a significant impact on several crucial games. Most notably, he refereed the men’s singles finals of the US Open in 2006 and 2008, solidifying his position as one of the best umpires in the sport. Any umpire with more than 30 years of experience is sure to encounter some controversy, but he is still a solid choice for tours and important competitions. He has met players from various regions because he has played tennis for decades.

Aurelie Tourte

She was the third French woman to acquire a gold badge for chair umpiring at the start of her career. Signing a contract to join the ATP Tour’s elite team in 2019, and she hasn’t looked back since. She has had the opportunity to call some significant Grand Slam matches and appears to be getting more chances to compete in major competitions. She is perhaps best recognized for serving as the chair umpire for the 2020 US Open match in which Novak Djokovic was disqualified for striking a lineswoman. Although there was initially some controversy surrounding the call, she was following all protocols and was forced to default him. 

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