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Novak Djokovic Embarrassing Moments in His Career

Novak Djokovic Embarrassing Moments in His Career

Novak Djokovic is one of the all-time greatest tennis players in the Open Era. His 22 Grand Slam wins have made him share the highest spot with Rafael Nadal. Born on 22nd May 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia, he became a professional tennis player in 2003. His 10 Australian Open titles are a record in the tennis world. Novak has had a lot of success in his career, be it maintaining the number one ATP Singles Rank for 387 weeks or being the player with the most wins against the top players in the world. But still, there are some embarrassing moments that the Serbian would like to forget as soon as possible. Here are Novak Djokovic Embarrassing Moments in his Career.

Imitations of other Tennis Players

Novak Djokovic is famous on-court for his tennis plays. He is also renowned off-court for his shenanigans. One of his most common off-court activities is to imitate his fellow tennis players. His favorite ones to do is Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova. He is seen tucking back his locks just like Rafael Nadal, even though he has short hair. On the other hand, he was seen wearing a blonde wig and pretending to be Maria Sharapova in front of her. Even though some felt it to be an embarrassing moment, Djokovic was seen enjoying it.

Novak Djokovic Imitates Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal

The loss against Lorenzo Sonego

Novak Djokovic has lost several matches in his career, but his loss against “lucky loser” Lorenzo Sonego at the 2020 ATP Sienna Open is hard to digest. The then world no.1 lost the match in just 28 minutes. The score of 6-2, 6-1 is unbelievable for Novak Djokovic fans. Novak Djokovic had no answers for Lorenzo Sonego’s swift movements, clever shots, and great serves. Djokovic and his fans would also like to erase that match from their memory.

Lorenzo Sonego Beats Novak Djokovic

Disqualified at the 2020 US Open

It is tough to defeat players like Novak Djokovic when they are on a 29-game winning streak. But Pablo Carrena Busta did so at the 2020 US Open. People might be shocked to hear this, but it was not on set points, even though he won. Instead, Novak Djokovic was disqualified for accidentally hitting the lines referee in the throat with the tennis ball. The US Open has strict rules against hitting referees, so Joker had to withdraw from the tournament, even if this was an accident. Thus, came the defeat after 29 matches.

Djokovic is disqualified at the 2020 US Open

Third-Round Defeat at the 2021 Monte Carlo Masters

Another embarrassing moment in Novak Djokovic’s career came from another defeat. During the third-round match-up against Daniel Evans at the 2021 Monte Carlo Masters, Novak Djokovic lost the game with a score of 6-4, 7-5. It was the first time that Joker faced Daniel Evans. After the match, Novak described his performance as “Awful.” Apart from that, he also mentioned the chilly weather, which made it more difficult for him. Another big factor in the defeat was Novak’s faulty display on the court. It is rare to hear the word “faulty” regarding tennis greats.

Dan Evans defeats Djokovic at 2021 Monte Carlo Masters

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Undisclosed Secret

Last but not least, among Novak Djokovic Embarrassing Moments in his career, there is something that Joker himself is afraid of sharing. He said, “I can’t share. It’s too private to share”. He said this while promoting his latest shoes’ launch at the Asics New York City store. The way Novak is protecting his most embarrassing moment, we can hardly imagine what it would be.

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Novak Djokovic told the media he uses contact lenses while playing tennis. Whenever one comes out accidentally during the rallies, he immediately stops the game and wears another pair of contact lenses. He mentioned this as an embarrassing thing in his life. But there are a few incidents that are too embarrassing as well as private to share. He immediately laughs and asks for the next question whenever asked about those incidents. This shows that he is also experienced in handling the media. Let us know what you think his most embarrassing moments are.

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