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Top 10 Tennis Tournaments in the World

Top 10 Tennis Tournaments in the World.

The 2 main tennis bodies around the world are famous for the events and championships they organize. The most famous tournaments across the globe are the four major grand slams, even though ATP and WTA organize several other competitions, the above 4 get all the attention. With tennis being the most widespread sports, almost every person knows about these major tournaments, through one or the other source. But, apart from this, we should also know about the other major tournaments held across the world. Let’s discuss about them in detail, let’s delve deep into the topic of Top 10 Tennis Tournaments in the world.

Top 10 Tennis Tournaments in the World – Ranked

TournamentInaugration Year
Wimbledon Open 1877
US Open 1881
Australian Open 1905
French Open 1891
ATP Tour Finals 1970
Davis Cup 1900
Italian Open 1930
BNP Masters 1974
Madrid Open 2002
Miami Open 1985

Wimbledon championship

The first tournament on the list of Top 10 Tennis Tournaments in the World is Wimbledon. Regarded as the best and the most famous Tennis Tournament across the globe. There are four tennis Grand Slams, but there is something special about Wimbledon. Wimbledon Championship is played on the grass court. It is organized at the All-England Club in Wimbledon, London, since 1877. The top players across the globe play in this tournament and give their best, it’s the dream of each and every player to win a Wimbledon championship in his/her tennis career. Also Read: Top 10 Most Durable Tennis Shoes

US Open

The United States open takes the second spot in the list of Top 10 Tennis Tournaments in the World. It is generally played at the world’s biggest stadium, the Arthur Ashe Stadium. US Open was first played in 1881, for women (1887). It is played at the summer end of every calendar year, and the only tournament to be played hard court. In the recent decades, it has been played at the queen’s borough of New York city.

Australian Open

Another very famous tournament on the list is the Happy Slam. Happy slam is the another name of Australian Open, and played in Melbourne, Australia. Played first in 1902, it has a huge fanbase. This tournament was played across many places in Australia, before it eventually settles in Melbourne.  It is a bit of hectic activity for all the players to get there from different parts, but they usually play a few tune-up tournaments before in that region. Also Read: 10 Best Forehands in Tennis of All-Time

French Open

Current Champion – Rafael Nadal

This is the last Grand Slam tournament on the list of the Top 10 Tennis Tournaments in the World. French Open is the only major grand slam which is played on the clay court. The first men’s tournament took place in 1891, with the name of French Championship. It was played across several places before it has been permanently organized at Stade Roland Garros. Lately, the men’s side has been dominated by Rafael Nadal, who has set countless records on clay. Still, it is a much-anticipated tournament every year.

ATP/WTA World Tour Finals

We discussed in detail about the most interesting tournaments across the world, the grand slams. Next, which is the most interesting and intriguing tournament apart from them. ATP/WTA World Tour Finals, hold the 5th position in this list. The first ATP event took place in 1970 and the WTA event in 1972. This tournament has an attractive fanbase, since the top 8 players at the end of the year compete in this tournament. Generally, there is no fixed place where it is played. It depends upon the fixtures. Also Read: 10 Best Tennis Movies of All-Time

Davis Cup

The first team competition in tennis at the international level. Although, in the initial stage Davis Cup did not get a huge recognition. But recent changes have made it more compact, so maybe that will drum up some interest. International Tennis Federation (ITF) organizes this tournament. The interesting part about this tournament is that it is an international tournament, moreover, it is knock-out tournament which makes it even more interesting. Davis Cup began in the 1900s. USA won the most titles(32). Canada is the winner of recent edition.

Italian Open

Italian Tennis Championship is played on the clay court, it is another famous tournament. It draws a huge amount of attention from people around the globe. It is the second tournament in the list that is played on a clay court. Italian open was first played in 1930, and the first edition was played in Milan, since then it is played in Rome, Italy. The Italian side in tennis has been really playing well the last few years, and they have some promising youth players who seem to be ready to go as well.

Indian Wells Master/BNP Masters

Known as the Indian Wells Open and BNP Paribas Open, is an annual tennis tournament. Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, California, United States hosts this tournament in mid-march every year. It is ranked 8th in this list, it is the most attended tournament after the grand slams. Played first in 1974 in Tucson, Arizona, and later it was moved to Indian wells, California. The tournament is generally played on hardcourt and is the most attended tennis tournament after the four Grand Slam tournaments, it is often called the “fifth Grand Slam”. Also Read: 3 Best Tennis Games on PS4 and PS5 (2022-23)

Madrid Open

Madrid open is the clay tournament which happens at the summer of every spring. It is somewhat similar to the Italian open. Since Spain usually produces a lot of clay-court specialists because of this it turns into a home tournament that many of them enjoy. This tournament does not have a great past, since it was first played in 2002. Initially Madrid Open was played on the hard courts. But since 2009 it is played on the clay courts. It is now held at LA CAJA MAGICA every year.

Miami Open

Miami Open tournament falls in the category of Masters1000. Also known as the Miami Masters, first played in 1985 at Delray Beach in Madrid. Beside the four Major Grand Slam championships, the Miami Open is one of a small number of events on the ATP and WTA tours where the main singles draw (for both the men and the women) involves more than 64 players, and where main draw play extends beyond one week. Also Read: Top 10 Best Backhands in Tennis of All-Time

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