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Why Do Female Tennis Players Wear Skirt?

Why Do Female Tennis Players Wear Skirt?

Every sports has its unique apparel and brands. Every sports has evolved over time in every aspect for example clothes, balls, rules of the game. Similarly, clothing has changed significantly throughout the years for anyone who has followed tennis. The days when almost every tennis player wore primarily white, traditional clothing are long gone. All of that changed in the 1980s and 1990s, and since then, the court has occasionally become a true fashion show. Let’s discuss about more about Why Do Female Tennis Players Wear Skirt?

The History of Skirts in Tennis

Women have worn skirts on the tennis court since tennis was played first. Over the years, they have changed in length, and style, but they are still regarded as skirts. In the early days of tennis, or in general life, a short skirt was thought to be calf length. Women are becoming more socially acceptable for exposing more skin, which benefits their performance as well. First, in the 1920s, skirts began to get a little shorter. The finest players in the world still routinely wear skirts in today’s competitive sports. Serena Williams has experimented with a huge variety of skirt styles, ranging from extremely form-fitting to more voluminous. The WTA Tour is fairly accommodating of all the many fashions that businesses release, provided as the skirts are not underpants-length. Also Read:Top 10 Tallest Female Tennis Players of All-Time

3 reasons why Female Tennis Players Wear Skirts

There are several reasons as to why female tennis players wear skirt, but out of those the most logical and apt once are following:


Comfort is the primary factor that drives women to wear skirts and play tennis. For ventilation and breathability, skirts are the best clothing option. In this way, you will always feel fresh thanks to good ventilation, and your attention won’t wander to hot legs and a steamy feeling. The majority of skirts are very short because doing so increases their benefits even more, but if a short skirt makes you uncomfortable, you can choose one that is a little longer.


There are numerous models available when a female tennis player decides to wear a skirt. There are many different designs, styles, and brands available; choose the one that best suits your taste. Fortunately, the regulations regarding skirt length and are less rigid now than they once were, allowing you to play about with them more. You may mix and match different skirts with different tops, shoes, and even racquet colors to create gorgeous looks.

Unique to the Sport

There aren’t many big women’s sports where skirts are worn frequently. Being a little bit unusual is something that is really special to the sport and is celebrated. Since wearing a skirt while playing tennis has become customary throughout the years, neither professionals nor even members of the neighborhood tennis club give it a second thought. There would definitely be some glares if you do that in softball. Tennis players accept the variation as a new method to play a sport with a fashionable appearance. Also Read: 5 Most Beautiful Tennis Players of All Time

Is it necessary to wear Skirt?

In the Grand Slam rulebook of tennis, female tennis players are not prohibited from donning shorts, leggings, or any other similar attire in place of a skirt. According to each individual Grand Slam Tournament, the Tennis Grand Slam rules only specifies that players must wear clean, conventionally acceptable tennis clothing. Atlast, its upto the player to choose. As different events could enforce varying dress codes on the players, this final clause of the guideline is where issues could occur. Players are allowed to wear color, but only on the hemline, cuffs, and collar of any pair of pants, skirt, or other piece of clothing.

Can a Female Tennis Player Wear Shorts at any Major Tournament?

Shorts are acceptable for female tennis players at Wimbledon as long as they follow the white dress code. Leading athletes including Maria Sharapova and Helena Ostapenko have been spotted sporting shorts at Wimbledon. When Sharapova wore shorts, she broke the regulations that year, but her top, not her shorts, was the offending item. Also Read: Why Zero is Called Love in Tennis?

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