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Who Is Beatrice Haddad Maia Coach? Know All About Rafael Paciaroni

Who Is Beatrice Haddad Maia Coach? Know All About Rafael Paciaroni

Beatrice Haddad Maia was born on 30th May 1996 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She became a professional tennis player in 2014. Since her professional debut, she has won six titles, including two singles titles and four doubles titles. Her highest singles rank was 12, achieved on 13th February 2013, while her highest doubles rank was also 12, achieved on 9th January 2023.

Beatrice Haddad Maia started her career without any coach. But later, she appointed a coach and got satisfactory results. It helped her achieve a lot of titles, and she is grateful for that. Everyone wants to know is her coach. So who is Beatrice Haddad Maia coach? What achievements did he help her win? To learn all that, reading the article until the end is essential. So keep on reading.

Who Is Beatrice Haddad Maia Coach, Rafael Paciaroni?

Rafael Paciaroni is the coach of Beatrice Haddad Maia. The birth date of Rafael Paciaroni is unknown, but he is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He graduated with a degree in Physical Education and has worked as a coach since 2008. Rafael Paciaroni has travelled to over 50 countries with top junior and professional tennis players. He has also worked in several tennis academies in England and Brazil and helped set many of them up.

From When Did Rafael Paciaroni Start To Coach Beatrice Haddad Maia?

Rafael Paciaroni started to train Beatrice Haddad Maia in September 2020. But they met much before in 2017 during the Grand Slam Development Fund Programme. They seem to have formed an excellent connection; he was the missing link between Silverware and Beatrice.

Achievements Of Beatrice Haddad Maia With Rafael Paciaroni

Most of Beatrice Haddad Maia’s achievements are with Rafael Paciaroni. 2022 was her most successful, with two WTA Tour singles titles and two WTA Tour doubles titles. In 2017, she won her second WTA Tour doubles title, but at that time, Rafael Paciaroni was not her official coach; he was assisting young players, and Beatrice Haddad Maia happened to be one of the players. She won one WTA Challenger singles title and one WTA Challenger doubles title in 2022 under Rafael Paciaroni.

Rafael Paciaroni Net Worth

The net worth of Rafael Paciaroni is unknown, but his fellow countrywoman, Beatrice Haddad Maia, pays him handsomely for his assistance.

Fast Facts about Rafael Paciaroni

NameRafael Paciaroni
Date of BirthN/A
ProfessionWTA Coach
Coach ofBeatrice Haddad Maia
Social Media@Rafael Paciaroni

Rafael Paciaroni Personal Life

There are no details about Rafael Paciaroni on the internet. Even her WTA coaching page shows no details about him. He focuses only on his work and does not let the media spotlight fall on his close ones. Read More – Who Is Iga Swiatek Coach? Know All About Tomasz Wiktorowski

Rafael Paciaroni Social Media

Rafael Paciaroni does not have any social media handles. But he does have a LinkedIn page, and his ID is @Rafael Paciaroni. Read More – Who Is Hubert Hurkacz Coach? Know All About Craig Boynton

FAQs on Rafael Paciaroni

Q: Who is Beatrice Haddad Maia coach?

Ans: Rafael Paciaroni is the coach of Beatrice Haddad Maia.

Q: Where is Rafael Paciaroni from?

Ans: Rafael Paciaroni is from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Q: How old is Rafael Paciaroni?

Ans: Rafael Paciaroni is 36 years old.

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