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Who Is Evgeniya Rodina Husband? Know All About Denis Shteyngart

Who Is Evgeniya Rodina Husband? Know All About Denis Shteyngart

Evgeniya Sergeyevna Rodina was born on 4th February 1989. She became a professional tennis player in 2004. She is one of the people whose house is full of titles. At 33, she has won one WTA 125 singles title and a staggering thirteen ITF singles titles. On 6th May 2019, she reached her highest rank of 67 in the WTA Singles Ranking. In the doubles category, Evgeniya Rodina has won one WTA 125 title and six ITF titles. Her highest rank in the doubles category is 99, which she achieved on 24th October 2011. Between so many successes, Evgeniya never forgot his closed one and vice versa. His husband has always supported her. After this, people wanted to know who is Evgeniya Rodina husband. To learn that, it is essential to keep reading the article.

Who Is Evgeniya Rodina Husband, Denis Shteyngart?

Evgeniya Rodina is currently married to Denis Shteyngart. There is not much information available on Denis Shteyngart. But he used to be a professional tennis player. He played in national-level tournaments in Russia. Denis Shteyngart completed his Master’s from Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. He was Evgeniya Rodina’s coach and helped her achieve significant success. He also speaks fluent English and Russian. Also Read: Who Is Anhelina Kalinina Husband? Know All About Anton Korchevskyi

When Did Evgeniya Rodina and Denis Shteyngart Meet?

There is no information about the first meeting between Evgeniya Rodina and Denis Shteyngart. The couple dated for some time before tying the knot in the early 2010s. In November 2012, their daughter, Anna Rodina, was born. Till now, the couple has only one child.

Denis Shteyngart Age and Nationality

The exact age of Denis Shteyngart is not known, but he is speculated to be between his late 30s and early 40s. Denis Shteyngart was born in Moscow Oblast, Russia, making him a Russian by birth. Read More – Who Is Luca Nardi Girlfriend? Know All About Martina Bruscolini

Fast Facts about Denis Shteyngart

NameDenis Shteyngart
Date of BirthN/A
WifeEvgeniya Rodina
ProfessionFormer Professional Tennis Player
Social MediaN/A

Denis Shteyngart Social Media

Denis Shteyngart does not have any social media handles. He likes to keep his life private and listen to music. Read More – Who Is Joao Sousa Girlfriend? Know All About Julia Villanueva

FAQs on Denis Shteyngart

Q: Who is Evgeniya Rodina husband?

Ans: Denis Shteyngart is the husband of Evgeniya Rodina.

Q: Where was Denis Shteyngart born?

Ans: Denis Shteyngart was born in Moscow Oblast, Russia.

Q: Which is Denis Shteyngart’s profession?

Ans: Denis Shteyngart is a professional tennis coach.

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