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Who Was Pancho Gonzalez Wife? Know All About Rita Agassi

Who Was Pancho Gonzalez Wife? Know All About Rita Agassi

Ricardo Alonso “Pancho” Gonzalez was born on 9th May 1928 in Los Angeles, California. He turned pro in 1949 and retired in 1974. He established himself as one of the best player in tennis history during that period. Pancho Gonzalez won two US Open titles and twelve professional titles. In the doubles category, he won a French Open and a Wimbledon. Ned Potter rated him as the number-one player in 1948. Pancho Gonzalez had won 111 titles during his career. Everything about Pancho Gonzalez’s career is top-notch, but is it the same for his personal life? That is the question. Who was Pancho Gonzalez wife? People want to know the answer. There is no need to be restless, as everyone will share the solution. So keep on reading to see every detail about his wife.

Who Was Pancho Gonzalez Wife, Rita Agassi?

Pancho Gonzalez was married to Rita Agassi, the elder sister of Andre Agassi. Rita Agassi was born in the year 1960. The exact date of her birthday is not known. She pursued tennis for some time but left it. Rita Agassi’s ITF record shows one played match played and one game lost.

When Did Pancho Gonzalez and Rita Agassi Meet?

There is no exact date when they met, but Pancho Gonzalez was tennis coach Rita Agassi in her younger days. They married on 31st March 1984, even though her father was ultimately against it. The couple had a son named Skylar. Pancho and Rita divorced in 1989 after staying together for five years. During his last days, only Rita and Skylar were with him. Pancho Gonzalez died from stomach cancer on 3rd July 1995 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rita Agassi Age and Nationality

Rita Agassi is 62 years old as of April 2023. She is an American citizen due to being born in America. She also has American parents – Emmanuel Agassi and Elizabeth Agassi.

Fast Facts about Rita Agassi

NameRita Agassi
Year of Birth1960
HusbandPancho Gonzalez
Social Media@ritaagassi

Pancho Gonzalez Past Relationships

Pancho Gonzales was married five times before marrying Rita Agassi. His first wife was Henrietta Pedrin, who was his childhood sweetheart. They got married in 1948 and had three children. Later in 1958, they got a divorce. Pancho Gonzales married Madelyn Darrow twice from 1960 to 1968 and 1970 to 1972. They also had three children, out of which two girls were twins. Then he married Betty Steward, his dental hygienist, in 1972. He had one daughter with her before getting a divorce in 1975. Next, Pancho married Cheryl Duff in 1979 and separated in 1982. Read More – Who is Ana Bogdan Boyfriend? Know all about Simone Tempestini 

Rita Agassi Social Media

Rita Agassi is active on social media via her Instagram account. Her Instagram ID is @ritaagassi. She has 545 followers on her page. Read More – Who Is Sloane Stephens Husband? Know All About Jozy Altidore

FAQs on Rita Agassi

Q: Who was Pancho Gonzalez wife?

Ans: Rita Agassi was the wife of Pancho Gonzalez.

Q: Is Andre Agassi and Rita Agassi related?

Ans: Yes, Rita Agassi and Andre Agassi are related. She is the elder sister of Andre Agassi.

Q: How old is Rita Agassi?

Ans: Rita Agassi is 62 years old as of April 2023.

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