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Who Is Jim Courier Wife? Know All About Susanna Lingman

Who Is Jim Courier Wife? Know All About Susanna Lingman

Jim Courier was among the best men’s tennis players in the Golden Era. During the 90s, apart from him, there was Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Stefan Edberg, etc. Jim Courier was born on 17th August 1970 in Sanford, Florida. He began his professional career in 1988 and retired in 2000. In that time, he won 23 singles titles, including two Australian Open and two French Open, and became no. 1. He also has six doubles titles and won the Davis Cup on two different occasions. Jim Courier’s professional life is as shiny as possible, but people want to know more about his personal life. For example, who is Jim Courier wife? The good news is that we found the answer and will share it with everyone. The bad news is that there is no bad news, so keep reading.

Who Is Jim Courier Wife, Susanne Lingman?

Jim Courier is married to Susanne Lingman. Susanne Lingman was born on 3rd November 1983, in the USA. Susanne Lingman was born to Belle Lingman and Eric Lingman. She completed her studies at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her profession is unknown, even though a few reports suggest she took up tennis at some point. Also Read: Who Was Arther Ashe Wife? Know All About Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe

When Did Jim Courier and Susanne Lingman Meet?

There is no information about the exact meeting of Jim Courier and Susanne Lingman. The couple never disclosed how long they have been dating or when they have been dating. Jim Courier married Susanne Lingman on 21st August 2010. Together, they have a son named Kellan Courier.

Susanne Lingman Age and Nationality

Susanne Lingman is 39 years old as of April 2023. She has black hair and black eyes. Susanne Lingman is an American born in America to American parents. Read More – Who is Benjamin Bonzi Girlfriend? Know all about Maxine Eouzan

Fast Facts about Susanne Lingman

NameSusanne Lingman
Date of Birth3rd November 1983
HusbandJim Courier
Social MediaN/A

Susanne Lingman Social Media

Susanne Lingman does not have any social media handles. She avoids the internet as she is a secretive person. Read More – Who is Diego Schwartzman Girlfriend? Know all about Eugenia de Martino

FAQs on Susanne Lingman

Q: Who is Jim Courier wife?

Ans: Susanne Lingman is the wife of Jim Courier.

Q: When did Jim Courier marry Susanne Lingman?

Ans: Jim Courier married Susanne Lingman on 21st August 2010.

Q: When was Susanne Lingman born?

Ans: Susanne Lingman was born on 3rd November 1983 in the USA.

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